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Hans-Christian Ströbele Berlin (2013) - The german politician and lawyer is one one the founders of the German Green Party

Thor Freudenthal Berlin (2013) - German Hollywood director

Fall in Sleep Brazil (2009)

Udo Arnold, Rahmenkunstler Berlin (2013)

Inga Steinmetz, drawer Berlin (2013)

Carlinhos Brown Brazil (2012) - Musician and composer

Moroccan painter Marrakech (2010)

Andreas Niese, miniaturist Berlin (2013)

Chico César Brazil (2012) Musician and culture secretary

Katharina Engel, Dancer Berlin (2013)

Master Bule Bule Brazil (2012) Musician, writer and poet

Alex, mason Brazil (2011) In Vila Brandão, Salvador da Bahia

Puppet Berlin (2013) - Puppet Theatre and Museum

Unknow Berlin (2013)

Ciprian, as Angel Berlin (2013) - Merry Christmas to the Family in faraway Romania

Mirror Valencia, Spain (2010)

Triple Portrait Brazil (2013)

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