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As a child, I came across on an old analog camera, started shooting and liked it, although I always mourned the costs of feeding the monster, processing and printing the dubious results that came out of the box. Later on, as a teenager, I laid my hands on an ancient (or was it pioneer?) digital camera (0,3 MP and no view finder) and (whoa!) no reels tofeed, no costs to print. Despite the device´s limited storage capacity, that required (slow) discharges into a (desktop!) computer, I felt like a pilgrim at Heaven´s Gate. In 2002, a special gift: a HP camera, 1 Mega resolution and (another whoa!) a realistic view finder. My fate was sealed. From then on I enrolled in all photography courses I could, started a B.A. at the Faculty of Journalism in Salvador (Bahia) and embarked on my first freelancephotojournalistic adventures. During my undergraduate years in the Faculty, I joined the School´s Experimental Photo Lab as a monitor and complemented my academic training through an Erasmus Mundus grant and a full year in Germany (Giessen and Rostock). University studies in Germany were combined with practical photojournalistic apprenticeship in Rostok (NNN Newspaper) and later in Berlin (BZ). Today I live the dream of working as a freelance photographer in the crazy, complex, chaotic and dynamic city of Berlin.






  • Deutsche Welle

  • B.Z.

  • BILD

  • NNN

  • G1 Notícias

  • Correio*



  • Governo da Bahia

  • TEDx Conferences


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